Delivery and Installation

Blair’s exhibit specialists, warehousemen, drivers and I&D staff are responsible for the packing, delivery and   installation  of   tradeshow   displays,   corporate   environment,  casework,   graphics   and   other components  for  tradeshow  exhibits.  It  is  not  unusual  for  them  to  handle  valuable  client‐owned properties and they always do so with extreme care. Typically Blair uses its own fleet of vehicles (i.e., tractor trailers, box trucks, vans, and pick‐up trucks) for local deliveries. Long distance deliveries are contracted through reliable and proven professional carriers experienced in white glove door‐to‐door handling and transporting of exhibit properties.

Blair, Inc. maintains a staff of Carpenters and Fabricators who are members of Local 491 Carpenters Union.              Union  installers  are  granted  free  access  to  all  shows  and  are  permitted  to  perform  the installation and dismantle labor.  This practice benefits clients by providing experienced personnel who are already familiar with specific.

When an I & D Supervisor is retained for a show clients should expect him to:  assemble and supervise a crew,  will  check  the  exhibit  each  morning  before  show  opening  as  well  closing  to  insure  the environment stays clean and confirm AV equipment is functioning properly.  In addition the supervisor will pull, prep and load the exhibit for transport and understand the customer’s requirements and schedule.  For the Washington DC Metro area shows, Blair has staff on site for the duration of the show so they may be available should an immediate need arise.