MedStar Arena – Washington Capitals Practice Facility Wall Branding

Sometimes we are called upon to perform tasks that at first glance seems impossible. We received a call on Monday morning from one of my regular customers.  We met at the Med Star Arena later that morning.  The client asked me if it was possible to produce and install a 16’x161′ mural on a wall, that needed still needed some repairs.  Oh, and there wasn’t any artwork yet.  Blair analyzed the project and immediately repaired and painted the entire wall Washington Capitals blue.  Because there were many obstructions along the wall, the art had to designed around the precise locations of the obstacles.  After careful measuring, we created a CAD drawing that was used to re-design the artwork.  We then printed the 2576 square foot adhesive back vinyl mural, and installed it using our scaffolding.

We finished installing that Monday night, a week later, at 730 PM.  The facility had it’s grand opening the next morning at 9:30 AM.